New Location for Katog Tingzin Ling

Weekly Practices

It is a joy that we are now meeting again in person at a new location after relinquishing the center we had for several years due to the pandemic. The space is located on Coral Way in Miami and every Sunday there is an in-person meditation practice that is open to all from 2:00-3:00pm EST.

1385 Coral Way #201
Miami, FL 33145

We alternate between Shamatha (Calm Abiding Meditation) one week, and Tonglen (Giving and Receiving Meditation) the other. If you are not yet familiar with these, you can still attend. No previous experience is necessary. Arrive 15 minutes early to receive a brief summary of how the session will go. We can also share some brief teachings by Rinpoche on these topics and you might also consider joining our mailing list to be notified of when we will hold occasional workshops on these topics.

Events & Zoom Practices

Aside from hosting Khentrul Rinpoche and authentic lamas from the lineage, we also hold workshops, retreats, and special events linked with Katog Choling (501c3). You can subscribe to the calendar below by clicking on one of the red buttons below depending on your phone style to sync the calendar with your calendar.

Furthermore, weekly online zoom practices open to all also continue to be offered for those who cannot easily travel to participate. Click here for that other calendar:

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