Prayer Request

From time to time we must all endure obstacles to our well being and happiness, bare the many forms of hardships and challenges we are presented with. At times like these we need the support of others and we at Katog Tingzin Ling are here for you. As part of our ongoing practice schedule, we conduct several meditation practices on a monthly basis ending each of them by dedicating the positive effects of our virtue to those on our prayer lists and all beings.Your loved one will be kept on our prayer list for 49 days.   

If you would like to add a donation, please visit Katog Choling’s Donation page.

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      This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

      In addition to our prayer list, Katog Tingzin Ling Sangha conducts several saving lives ceremonies on a monthly basis. 

      There is nothing that each sentient being values more than their precious life, so to protect life and at the very least refrain from harming beings is a virtuous action with immense merit and power that greatly benefits oneself and others. But even more meritorious still, is to save the lives of those to be killed. There is no greater act of generosity than to ransom the lives of those who have been marked for death. There is no greater way to vanquish obstacles or to alleviate the suffering of ourselves and others, than through the practice of saving lives.

      Buddha Shakyamuni taught that there is no greater non virtue than that of taking life, and thus no greater virtue than to protect life. In addition many learned and accomplished Buddhist Masters have extolled the qualities of this simple yet powerful act of kindness. The benefits of saving lives is quite inconceivable, and include removing obstacles which may threaten the health, longevity, and overall well being of ourselves and others. Not to mention the beings who are saved will not only be given the opportunity to continue to live out there lives but connecting them to the prayers and practices has enormous benefits for them as well.

      In conjunction to some of our meditation practices the Katog Tingzin Ling Sangha conducts several saving lives ceremony every month. Especially on auspiscious days connected to the Lunar Calander such as Saga Dawa (Vesak), Full Moons and New Moons. If you want to know more about these meditation practices and how you can join us, please email If you wish for us to conduct a saving lives release on your behalf or on the behalf of others you can simply dontate to our saving lives fund. We use 100% of your donation to ransom the lives of beings.